Explore The Art of Intervention

Hubbub is a creative arts company that will provide innovative technologies for your businesses to develop an image and establish active engagements in the community. We work to create memorable experiences with public installations of art that can be used to engage with the audience with new and exciting possibilities.

Reuben Poharama

His art is heavily influenced by his background in performance. He plays a variety of musical instruments and has been involved in theatrical productions. Reuben spends most of his time designing and creating exciting things. Reuben's Portfolio


Martin Hill

He loves immersing himself in thinking and exploring new ideas. He is fascinated by innovation and pushing existing ideas even further. Martin moved to New Zealand from South Africa at the age of nine. His passion is engaging with different people and understanding how they interact and why. Martin's Portfolio


Braeden Foster

His creativity stems from a combination of his musical inspirations and surfing which continue to influence his work. Originally from Wellington, Braeden made the move to Auckland to study Creative Technologies at AUT University. Braeden's Portfolio