Finding Under Noise

By Braeden Foster, Martin Hill and Reuben Poharama

Finding Under Noise invites the audience to find the beauty in noise and change our perception of how we experience it. A microphone is located in front of the interactive screen capturing all the sounds happening in the surroundings. Watch as these sounds are transformed into images on the screen and given a new sense of the beauty of the noises around you.


Finding Under Noise was created using Processing to collect information from an audio input, conduct "Fast Fourier Transforms" and apply these to the organisms shown on screen. While the audience has some control over the growth and movement of the organisms, the work seems to have a mind of it's own. It is impossible to accurately predict what will happen next.


Finding Under Noise was exhibited at Digital Art Live as part of "Emerging Pixels" between the 18th of December 2013 and 19th of February 2014. Level 2, Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.

Download the interactive piece "Finding Under Noise" to use on your own computer


Finding Under Noise is not only an interactive, generative piece of art, it spans different media in story telling, story writing and production. The interactive piece is a continuation of a stop-motion animation which tells the story of noise trying to find it's own beauty. Now we are able to find it's beauty too by interacting with it.


We also allowed a group of intermediate aged children the chance to create characters through play-dough modeling and recording their characters sounds. We used these models and recordings in the production of our stop-motion animation piece.