By Hubbub in collaboration with Designworks


With the help of Designworks, we developed an interactive art piece that was constantly changing during the Semi-Permanent event.


By Martin Hill, Braeden Foster and Reuben Poharama


'Remnants' is based on the process of simplification and therefore the outcome has become an artistic representation of that process. This is what we imagine a brain might look like if it were simplified.

Project Nest

By Hubbub in Collaboration with Niki Hastings-McFall


‘Project Nest’ explores the interaction between the sound of birds and people occupying the same space. Commissioned by the Auckland Arts Festival, the aim is to engage the audience with the various sounds of different bird species, such as chirping, the flapping of wings and singing in chorus.

Glass In My Mind

By Georgia Shattky and Hubbub


'Glass in my Mind' explores the concept of a narrative unique to new media. A database of footage replaces a linear sequence of shots, and digital glitches become transitions. It also goes further into new media territory by introducing audience participation – viewers can physically interact with the footage on screen and interject themselves into the narrative. Displayed in the Aotea Centre as part of Auckland Fringe Festival.

Floating Embers

By Martin Hill and Reuben Poharama


'Floating Embers' is a reflection on the past. After analysing our feelings about past projects, we created three-dimensional shapes to visualise our responses which were made into lanterns and sent skyward. The act of letting go of these things we worked so hard on was a strong performance of our own ability to move on with life.

Night Without Rules

Projection Band and Hubbub


'Night Without Rules' was an audio-visual experience created by the Projection Band and Hubbub. Viewers were barraged with sounds from the band while being immersed in the visual projections that responded to the noise in the room.

Connect Here

By Martin Hill and Reuben Poharama


'Connect Here' is a personal exploration of how we connect with the places that we inhabit. By collecting a variety of images from places that we have personal ties to, we present our connections in an interactive exhibition. The images are manipulated by the audience through the sound that they make. Through this act, the place of exhibition is affected by their presence.

Finding Under Noise

By Braeden Foster, Martin Hill and Reuben Poharama


'Finding Under Noise' is a two-part project that invites the audience to find the beauty in noise and change our perception of how we experience it. The stop-motion short film follows noise and it's struggle with pressure to become ordered. Our interactive screen-based piece collects all of the noise in the environment. Watch as these sounds are transformed into images on the screen and given a new sense of beauty.