Project Nest

By Hubbub in Collaboration with Niki Hastings-McFall

‘Project Nest’ brings the beauty of birdsong into the heart of our city. 6 'nests' are placed in the trees around Aotea Square in Auckland to accompany the visual spectacle of Fale Ula, an inviting space designed by Niki Hastings-McFall. For the duration of the Auckland Arts Festival you will hear the sounds of native New Zealand bird species filling the air of the festival garden.

Project Nest questions how these bird sounds apply to the urban environment. How does the song of a Tui or Kokako can interrupt the context of the concrete forest? Through the medium of sound we can instigate this response because the sound is not foreseen. When someone hears an unexpected sound they naturally want to discover where the sound is localised; the moment is where the interaction begins for our audience.


Each virtual bird has it's own personality and will react to the environment in different ways. Each nest has a sensor which will detect the proximity of any object near the nest. The closeness of another thing could make one bird fly to another nest while another bird might try to make a new friend.